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I have an obsession: Photography.

I tell stories. A true portrait is not 'of' someone, it's 'about' someone. I have a passion for documenting life, and I LOVE photographing people. My photographs say it all; letting you know you what kind of photographer I am, and how much photography means to me.

I shoot people everywhere, believing great images give tremendous pleasure and I take immense pleasure in creating great images. Images that evoke feelings. Emotions. Images that Impact.

Some of my images are simply being in the right place at the right time, along with  the experience of knowing when to press the shutter, other images are conceptual, taking time both to shoot and to artistically develop in post. 

Either way I'll leave you WOWED; with goose bumps, smiles, tears, and laughter. And, l will surpasses your expectations, EVERY TIME.

You get ME. Not someone who just rec'd a camera, not someone who is on the list of photographers to call to fill the job, not someone who burns a disk and disappears, not just a 'wedding' photographer. Making you look great, staging, technique, and finesse in post, contribute to my style. From phone calls/emails, web updates, creative session ideas, the actual shoot, processing, editing, retouching, designing custom cards/invitations and storybook composition/layouts, it's all me.

You'll get a beautiful job done right, having fun in the process. REAL Portraits. Unforgettable memories. Irreplaceable moments. Lifelong collections. Your STORIES.

Art that enriches homes, connects, stirs interest, and sparks conversations in business, and evokes feelings and memories. Capturing elusive elements of today, gone tomorrow. 'Travel back' reminisce, share that love and laughter. Create lasting treasures with me, images that matter, to celebrate and showcase your life.

My desire and attention is making sure you receive the kind of images you have pictured in your mind, images that resonate with a few surprises. I am dedicated to my craft, working with the wealthy and with charities. Inquire for specials to places I've yet to go.

Family is priceless, HIRE a professional to document yours, in a way you can't do yourself, because life is a work of art. My style isn't for everybody, and I like it that way! Those that feel it is, I hope to talk with you soon.

A heartfelt thank you for visiting. With Love, Joy, & Hugs, Patti