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I am an artist. I am boutique. My medium: Photography.

i am forever grateful that I documented my children’s entire lives.  They have such a rich story collection, showcasing their personalities over time, and what self confidence this inspired for them to always see how loved they were featured large on our walls— they love it all, their friends ever envious when they visited.  You realize we don’t remember days, just moments.   I’d love to create artwork for your family in the same way, knowing how much joy it‘ll brings into your lives as well.   

I create, often alone, piecing together my life, my heart, & my soul into every piece of artwork created.

In my way, with my eye, how I see things; the person, the light, the composition: My ultimate goal telling YOUR story in such a way that your heart sings. 

My portraits are not 'of' someone, they are 'about' YOU and YOURS.

I've a passion for documenting life, 'shooting' people everywhere, evoking feelings & emotions with lasting impact. Impact that leaves you WOWED; with goose bumps, smiles, tears, and laughter. 

Surpassing expectations, EVERY TIME.

Sometimes simply being at the right place at the right time, other times, waiting, and waiting, for the right light, composing, and in full director mode, conceptually driven. Creating artwork in post production. When you purchase my art, you are receiving moments of pure joy, years of experience, sometimes moments of artistic frustration and surprise. You are purchasing a piece of my heart, and making a contribution to more positive energy in the universe. Your heart will be as full— just like mine.

my work is fresh, fun, vibrant, eye candy, REAL, lifestyle portraits. Unforgettable Memories. Irreplaceable Moments. Lifelong Collections. Your STORIES. creating art that just happens to be your family!


ART that enriches your home & business, stirs interest, sparks conversations, and connects us. Capturing elusive elements of time... here today, gone tomorrow. Reminiscing in love and laughter, reliving the most special fond memories, and just simple moments, frozen for you to enjoy forever. 

I'm creating lasting treasures, those images that matter, celebrating life right along side you.

I believe everywhere & everyone in life is a work of art.  

My desire is to make sure you receive what you have pictured in your a few surprises. 

You're commissioning me to document your family in a way you can't do yourself.  

Destination shoots? I'm passport ready!

My style isn't for everybody, & that's ok!  If this resonates & vibes with you, let’s chat.

My heartfelt thank you for visiting.

With Gratitude & Blessings, Patti